Festival of Tasting

The Schmeckfest meal, served buffet-style starting in 2018, has been a tradition since the very beginning. It brings together the culinary favorites of the three groups of ethnic Mennonites who settled in the Freeman area in the 1870's - the Low-German, the Swiss, and the Hutterish.

The meal is served each night of Schmeckfest. There are 1000 tickets available each evening and they must be purchased in advance.


  • Nudel Suppe (Noodle Soup)
  • Grüne Schauble Suppe (Green Bean Soup)
  • Dämpffleisch (Stewed Beef)
  • Bratwurst (Pork Sausage)
  • Gebratene Kartofflen (Fried Potatoes)
  • Käse mit Knöpfle (Cheese Buttons)
  • Salat (Lettuce Salad)
  • Geschmäcke (Relishes)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Schwarzbrötchen (Whole Wheat Buns)
  • Zwiebach (Twin Buns)
  • Mach Kuchen (Poppyseed Roll)
  • Kuchen
  • Pluma Moos (Dried Fruit Sauce)
  • Kaffee (Coffee)
Serving Time - 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Pioneer Hall
No Ticket Returns or Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are any ethnic foods available for purchase?

A. Yes. Several of the demonstrations have portions available for purchase. The "Country Kitchen" in Sterling Hall has baked goods and preserves available for purchase.

Q. What if the weather is questionable during Schmeckfest, will you refund my tickets?

A. We are sorry, there are no refunds.

Q. Has Schmeckfest ever been postponed or cancelled due to weather?

A. No, Schmeckfest has always continued as scheduled.

Q. Are there provisions for handicapped accessibility to the meal?

A. Yes. In fact, all Schmeckfest activities are handicapped accessible. If you have any special needs or requests, contact us at the Schmeckfest email (schmeckfest@gmail.com) or phone number (605-929-4716).

eating soup

By the Numbers

Amount of food needed for each day of Schmeckfest:

  • 48 gallons of each Soup
  • 300 pounds of Stewed Beef
  • 260 pounds of Sausage
  • 260 pounds of Fried Potatoes
  • 34 gallons of Sauerkraut
  • 80 dozen Zwiebach
  • 55 poppyseed rolls
  • 150 Kuchen pies
  • 48 pounds of Coffee