Spotlight Demonstrations

We have the pleasure to highlight master bakers and cooks while they give in-depth educational mini-classes on several Germans-from-Russia foods.  These spotlight demonstrations will be located in Sterling Hall:

  • Poppyseed Rolls - Susan Schrag - 1:30
  • Fleisch Kuechle - Joyce Hofer - 2:30
  • Noodles - Shirley Ries - 3:30
  • Gritzwurst - Arlyss Brockmueller - 4:30
  • Priescha - LaVonne Brockmueller - 5:30

Additional Activities
These activities will take place around the Freeman Academy Campus

  • New Year Cookies 1 - 6pm (Maintenance Building)
  • Country Kitchen Market  (Sterling Hall)
  • Student Art Display  (Sterling Hall)
  • Schmeck Snack Shoppe 12 - 6:30pm (Sterling Hall)

Heritage Hall Museum & Archives

Our local museum is full of artifacts, buildings, stories and insights.  The museum is open 10 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Featuring:

  • Craft Demonstrations
  • Historical Presentations


Q.  Are all activities indoors?  Is it all under one roof?

A.  All activities are indoors in multiple buildings on the beautiful Freeman Academy camps - Pioneer Hall, Sterling Hall, Frontier Hall, Maintenance Building, Heritage Hall Museum.  All buildings are connected by sidewalks.

Q.  Is booth space available for private vendors?

A.  No.  Space is limited and all proceeds are designated to benefit Freeman Academy.

Q.  Is there a place to rest during the afternoon?

A.  Yes.  There are benches in several locations on the campus.  There are tables and chairs in Sterling Hall where you may rest or enjoy an afternoon snack.

See more FAQs about the meal.

What is schmeckfest?

Schmeckfest Sausage

The famous Schmeckfest Sausage is available for pickup from 1pm to 7pm on March 24 & 25.


Freeman Academy Auxiliary © 2022

Schmeckfest means "festival of tasting" in German.  In the beginning, it was all about the food (see History).  But it has become much more than that.  Schmeckfest is a celebration of the rich heritage of the Freeman community.

All activities take place on the Freeman Academy campus and include many experiences including great food to purchase, craft demonstrations, fine arts performances, buffet-style meal, historical presentations, and food preparation demonstrations.  Then, each evening is culminated in a musical production put on by talented community members.

All events, except for the meal, musical production and activities at the museum are free and open to the public.

For 2023, Schmeckfest will take place on March 23-25.