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Tickets for the 2018 Schmeckfest meal and musical are on sale starting November 14, 2017.

They can be purchased through a mail-in form or directly from this website using the button below.

"Godspell" Auditions

Auditions for the 2018 Musical "Godspell" will be held January 15 at the Freeman Academy Music Hall, 4:30 - 7pm. The musical will be under the direction of Jeremy Waltner.

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The beginning of Schmeckfest in 1959 is quite the story.  Click here to learn about how it all started and what has happened the last 60 years.

The Schmeckfest experience includes many facets - dining, musical production, food and craft demonstrations, the arts, and more food!  Click here to learn more!

Schmeckfest is an annual celebration of community and heritage in Freeman, SD.  The 60th Schmeckfest will take place on March 16, 17 and March 23, 24 of 2018.

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Tickets are on sale now!

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Faith-Inspired Learning for Life

March 16, 17 &
March 23, 24 2018

  All proceeds benefit

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